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High school students are faced with a number of challenges including problems at home, the increased likelihood of never obtaining a high school diploma, gang violence, bullying, drug abuse, peer pressure and low self-esteem. Although techniques for intervention may have been effective in the past, changes in our economy, advanced technology and the quality and nature of relationships and social exchanges with others presents a drastic difference in what some are teaching and what students feel is important in their lives.



The cutting edge technology used in both Bridge DA Gap and KOOLriculum is the most comprehensive solution of its kind. These two programs when used together propose to solve the two greatest problem schools face which are: “How do we address students’ social- emotional needs in and out of the classroom so that they are able to focus on the academic tasks at hand?” and “How do we get students engaged and excited about learning again?”


Bridge DA Gap and KOOLriculum are designed to meet students where they are. The technology and music work together to engage learners, assist them with self-reflection and interpersonal relationships as well as rekindle their desire to learn in a fun and engaging way. No other products on the market exist with creative and innovative content for social-emotional development and academic achievement that addresses the most common academic standards across states to promote success in our youth.

Core Components

The Bridge DA Gap curriculum teaches character building traits through music using 12 key social constructs:

  • Anger Management
  • Perception
  • Excuses
  • Patience
  • Heartbreak
  • The Company You Keep
  • Drug Abuse
  • Self-Respect
  • Self-Love
  • Self-Determination
  • HIV Prevention
  • Death


Each social construct has a song that correlates with it, and each chapter contains an overview explaining why the trait is important, a blueprint of how to personally apply the trait to their lives, and a story providing a real-life example of a current situation. Students are also provided with an opportunity to reflect and apply the information through guided activities

The Bridge DA Gap Youth Empowerment Concert is an exciting 1-hour performance designed to reach middle and high school students where they are and motivate them using songs and content from our curriculum. Topics covered during the concert include patience, self-love, and peer pressure.

Bridge DA Gap Mentoring focuses on fostering academics and career exploration using content from our curriculum for middle and high school students. Our volunteer mentors are from local colleges and universities who also attend off-site educational and recreational field trips with students.

We have a network of social-emotional experts available to provide motivational, how-to, and informational webinars, workshops, and courses for youth, parents, and educators. We offer four levels of training:


1) Our free knowledge base and help files are available to users once they login to the site.


2) Our Online Video Training Series provides examples of how Bridge DA Gap can be implemented into your program.


3) Our Live Online Training Seminar is an in-depth exploration into how the social-emotional wellbeing of students plays a significant role in their future academic and personal lives.


4) Our In-Person Training Workshop is an expansion of our seminar or can be customized to fit your program needs.


Overall the Bridge DA Gap Movement, Inc. aims to EQUIP OUR YOUTH to STAY IN SCHOOL by addressing complex personal issues. Challenge conventional ways of REACHING UNDERSERVED YOUTH and COMMUNITIES through an innovative, one-of-a-kind program. ENCOURAGE YOUTH to be SUCCESSFUL and SIGNIFICANT. REACH OUT to positively impact students to stay in school. Focus on EXPANDED OPPORTUNITIES gained by GRADUATING from high school and pursuing higher education.

Social Readiness

Add on component of school curriculum in place.

Team Building & Stewardship

Class taught using music foundation and interpersonal components.


Artistic creativity and expression.



Bridge DA Gap

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